Our in-house foley stage is fully equipped with everything you need in order to let imagination flow in the process of finding the right sounds for your project.

The studio has a variety of different surfaces - asphalt, stone, gravel, beach sand, cement, marble, linoleum, chipped stone (granite), grass, hay, metal plate, metal grate, wooden planks, parquet, roof tiles etc… you name it, we got it!

Our selection of props is quite diverse and consists of anything from car doors, chains, ropes, furniture and toys to clothing, shoes, books, kitchen ware and (what we consider to be) Denmarks biggest collection of sticks, poles and canes in different lengths and materials - just to be able to create the right swooshes and swishes for any situation.

We’re constantly upgrading our inventory, so If we don’t have exactly what we need, we’ll make sure to get it!