Jelly is an Emmy-nominated audio post facility specializing in sound for animation - probably the only one of its kind.

We are experts in sound for animation with years of experience in planning, organizing and executing sound production for successful animation projects.

Our work is defined by creativity, ingenuity, attention to detail and a passion for storytelling. This, along with a good understanding of the animation process and pipeline, is how we can help bring your stories to life.

We do:
- Sound design and editing
- Sound production planning and coordination
- Foley production
- Re-recording mix (5.1)
- Custom music (JAM Music Company)
- Dialog and ADR recording (JAM Audio Post)


Sound is an essential part of storytelling. This is especially true in animation, where the sound adds realism and excitement. Whether your production is a sci-fi action drama or a romantic tale of two polar bears falling in love, great sound design and detailed foley will, together with the soundtrack, bring your story to life in an engaging way.

At Jelly we make the creaky footstep that sends a chill down your spine. The blast we give the laser cannon is so strong that you can feel it rumble in your stomach. The rattling leaves and crickets’ chirp we create will tell you that you’ve arrived in the rainforest.

Creating soundscapes that convey emotions and enhance storytelling - that is our craft and our passion.


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